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CFF 2021

Thanks for a great first year!

Thanks to our judges, filmmakers, educators, sponsors, and community for embracing Cayuga Film Festival in its’ first year! It was a fantastic event, and we can’t wait for next year!

If you weren’t able to make the festival on October 30, 2021, fear not!

Here is some of the work from of our winners and honorable mentions!

Shout out to our sponsors!

Selected Films!

If you weren’t able to make the festival on October 30, fear not! Here are some of our winners, award of distinction winners (runner-ups) and honorable mentions!

Friendsheep – Winner

Emerging – Animation Category

Directed and Animated by Tak McKee

Forest Scene – Award of Distinction

Emerging – Animation Category

Brandy Lisk

Based on a True Story – Award of Distinction

College – Narrative Category

Charlie – Keaton McLachlan
Tyler – Evan Taylor 

Director & Screenwriter – Brielle Cruz
Producers – Sunny Singh & Sabrina Katz 
Director of Photography – Abby Hauptman
Assistant Director & Script Supervisor – A’lexiz Dennis
Casting Director – Kate Manning
Production Designer – Maggie Sullivan
Editor – Charles Bemis
Composer – Eamon Kelly 

20 Minute Meals with Tanya Chops – Honorable Mention

Written and Directed by Bryan Smith

Producers: Bryan Smith, Emily Gould, Brian Power, Emily Rosato

Director of Photography: Kaiser Klebes

Assistant Director: Audrey Eck

Chrysanthemum – Honorable Mention

Directed & Produced by Corbin Riker 
Written by Emalee Sickles
Director of Photography: Justin Spicer 
Head Editor: Justin Spicer
Visual Effects Supervisor: Branden Riley
Composer: Brian Gray / current student

Voice Box – Award of Distinction

Writer/Director – Eamon Kelly
Producer – Tyler Vincent
Director of Photography – Abby Hauptman
Editor – William Barnes
Composer – Eamon Kelly
Starring Leah Skay and Alfio Vasta

Mondays – Honorable Mention

Ian Buchsbaum

Black Futures – Honorable Mention

Jasmine Scriven

Kit – Award of Distinction

College – Narrative Category

Written and Directed by Jeremy Coyle

Featuring and Produced by Josh Akinwumi

Blood Is Thicker – WINNER

College – Narrative Category

Director: Jordan Goldstein

Producers: Kendall Palmatier & Noella Mpinga
Director of Photography: Jake Catalanotto
Sound Design: Josh Bisso
Actor: Crawford M. Collins
Co-writer and Actor: William Talty

The Historic Fort Hill Cemetery – Honorable Mention

Writer/Cameraperson/Narrator/Editor: Joshua D. Hart
Featured Interviewee/Project Contributor: Todd Gaglianese
Project Contributor: Laurel Auchampaugh
Project Contributor: Teresa Hoercher
Filming Consent Provider: Sue Talamo

The National Warplane Museum Experience – Honorable Mention

Kody Swartwood

Duende – Winner

College – Animation Category

Directed & Animated by: Lilliana Portillo
Edited by: Sarah Arena
Starring: Allison Keenan, Kristen Scharnikow, and Lily Spencer
Music Composed by Felix Rosales
Special thanks to the Spencer Family and Jason Harrington

Blood, Sex, and A Line Crossed – Honorable Mention

Marc-Eric Baan

The Richardson-Bates House Museum – Award of Distinction

College Documentary – Short Category

Marianne Natoli

Living Lab Equipment – Award of Distinction

College Documentary – Long Category

Marianne Natoli

Telecovid: Media Production During a Pandemic – Honorable Mention

Mat Lucas

Taking Back Power – Winner

Emerging Documentary – Short Category

Producer: Matt Davis-Howard
Co-Producer: Brian Gray
Lead Videographer: Justin Spicer
Videographers: Wesley Lewis, Corbin Riker, Emalee Sickles, Matt Davis-Howard and Brian Gray
Lead Editor: Wesley Lewis
Editors: Emalee Sickles, Brian Gray, Corbin Riker
Writers: Brian Gray, Matt Davis-Howard, Wesley Lewis and Emalee Sickles

Int. – Winner

High School – Narrative Category

Mike John Klosowski

Estrangement – Winner

Emerging – Narrative Category

Director/Writer: Miranda Prise
Writer/Producer: Kelly Baffoni
Production: Mario Morales
Director of Photography: Gus Thornton
Editor: Libby O’Neill

It Takes Two – Honorable Mention

Peter Berle

5:05:00 AM – Honorable Mention

Peter Berle

The Night of Insomnia – Honorable Mention

Ryan Fogler, Ryan Schanzenbacher

Solitude – Award of Distinction

Director: Sarah Arena
Starring: Allison Keenan

Moral Kombat: Mobster X Master – Honorable Mention

Director & Editor – Seung Guk Damon Park
Cinematographer – Brenden Lentini
Cinematographer – Jack Franzino
Screenwriter – Brenden Lentini

La Camara – WINNER

College Documentary – Long Category

Director: John Kennedy

Production: Mario Morales

Director of Photography: René Soza

Camera: Elvis Vásquez

Neil Breen Who Am I, What Am I Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Breen – Award of Distinction

Anthony Butterfield

Kari – Winner

College Documentary – Short Category

Nicole Brokaw: Creator

Kari Zelson Robertson: artist.

The Prize (A Student Film) – Honorable Mention

Writer/Director/Actor/Editor: Joshua D. Hart

DP: Gary A. Hart

Panto – Award of Distinction

Driected by Justin D’Emilio

Starring Will Dusinberre and Jack D’Emilio

Coming soon!